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A Family Business

Smatt's is a mainstay of the rental cycle business in Bermuda. Originally a small mom and pop shop, the family business was one of the first cycle liveries on island and blossomed when Bermuda's tourism industry took off in the 1960's. We are well-known for our friendly and helpful staff. For that reason we enjoy many repeat customers who visit the island every year. The seat of a Smatt's cycle is the best way to see the island - guaranteed!

"Welcome to Smatt’s, founded by our grandfather, “Dolly” Smatt. The service principles that both our grandfather and father operated on, for over 60 years, remain – our bikes are a trusted source of transportation for you to get around while on the island whether it be for business or pleasure. Our team has extensive experience in the business, instructing and ensuring that you have a fantastic experience. We thank you for choosing Smatt’s and enjoy “scooting” around!"

- Jenny Smatt

"On vacation some of the best days are the ones where you wake up without a plan. Having your own transport gives you that freedom. A day unplanned will just unfold on a Smatt's cycle - enjoy it!"

- Sean Smatt

Smatt's founders Bermuda

Our Team

We strive to go the extra mile for our customers, providing a personalised service and ensuring your safety and enjoyment. We're a team of experienced professionals with a love of Bermuda and all that it has to offer. Stop by our shop and we would be happy to help you. The Smatt's difference is that we truly care about our visitors and their Bermuda experience. First and foremost we want to ensure your safety by providing tutorials before you go out on the road and that the bikes are in top condition. We will do everything we can to help you enjoy discovering Bermuda by bike.

Smatt's Team Hamilton
Smatt's Team Bermuda


Thank you to the people working at the front desk and also thank you Rudy for being an awesome person and an honest teacher!!
You made me feel comfortable on the scooter before we headed out. I appreciate your help!! We had a wonderful time seeing the island, and now I want a scooter for myself back home :)

— Susie



Smatt's scooters are checked after every rental, and serviced regularly by our trained mechanics. In the unlikely event that you do have  a problem, our island-wide roadside assistance will be there to help. Rent from us today and find out why we are Bermuda's oldest and most respected scooter rental agency.

Special rates are available for:

World Rugby Classic teams, players and guests

Long term rentals

Local businesses

Frequent visitors

Corporate groups

Special events



Your safety is our number one priority. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will give you detailed instruction on scooter operation, local road rules, and riding technique. Our instructors will ensure that you are comfortable, confident and safe before you leave. Some sample road signs are below:

Smatt's Road Sign

Whether you've recently moved to the island, are visiting on business or for pleasure, riding a scooter is a fun and convenient way to experience Bermuda. Follow our helpful road safety tips below and you can't go far wrong!


  • In Bermuda we drive on the left so always remember to keep to the left.

  • Pay close attention at intersections remembering to always give way to the right.

  • Always keep to the local speed limit of 35 kph or 22 mph.

  • Drive slowly and carefully, particularly when the road is wet.

  • Use extra caution around blind corners.

  • Wear a good pair of shoes while riding, avoid wearing flip-flops.

  • Bermuda law requires you to always wear a helmet while riding your scooter. Make sure it's securely fastened.

  • It's recommended that you wear sunglasses to minimize the glare from the sun.

  • Keep your left hand on the brake lever at all times. This will assist you if you need to brake in a hurry.

  • Keep your personal belongings fastened to the basket or stored under the seat.

  • Scooter must be parked in marked bays.

  • Always lock your scooter with the lock provided when parked, your scooter is not insured against theft.

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Navigate Bermuda's highways, byways and hidden lanes on your scooter and discover Bermuda's best kept secrets. There are endless possibilities in Bermuda and the best way to experience them all is on two wheels! Here are some of our favourites!
Flatt's Village 


Picturesque Flatt's village is home to Bermuda's Aquarium and Zoo, great restaurants and stunning views of Flatt's Inlet. Sit on the T-Dock and spot the fish!



You'll find Hamilton City at the heart of Bermuda. Enjoy the colourful shops and restaurants along Front Street and the beautiful views of Hamilton Harbour.

The East End 


Ride across the Causeway on your scooter and look out over the blues of Castle Harbour. Venture up to Fort St. Catherine and discover hidden beaches and coves!

St. George's


The Historic town of St. George's is not to be missed! Explore the cobblestone streets, eat lunch along the waterside and soak up the architecture dating back to 1612.

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